Final day experiencing my blogging intensive in school by going to another intensive… :)


A photo of Mr.Ahmed (our chemistry teacher) talking to his group of students about happiness and what it means to them.*


A picture of their camping gear


Me somewhere in the crowd of students talking to them about their experiences in their intensive


A photo of Mr. Mears ( our world history teacher) explaining to the class what they should think about when they write their thoughts about happiness and life.

Today in school for our blogging intensive we had, to go to another intensive that is similar in a way that we could connect to it. My blog topics are kind of a mix in personal life experiences and just things that I like or that interests me so anyway… the intensive  that I’m blogging about today is called Eat, Pray, Love. My class mate and I were sent to that intensive room for 30minutes and we had to ask the students in there what their intensive was about. The students talked about happiness and how many people choose happiness over sadness but not really knowing that they are choosing it.

Their intensive was for two days , two nights and they travelled Upstate, New York camping for the past week to find out or.. you could say, get to know themselves and who they are as a person and with others. Their task today was to take a specific quote from a text that they’ve been reading these past few days and how that qoute resembles them or stands out to them in a way that they could grow from their experience.

I bet you all are wondering why am I writing so much about this topic and not my own. Well, its related to my blogging topic, because what I like to write about is personal experiences in life and so…the intensive Eat,Pray,Love  was about getting to know who you are as a person by going through personal experiences with others in their life. To me.. when I went to the other intensive…. it was kinda awkward. my friend Jessica and I were sent to the group because we had similar topics to theirs. It was awkward because, we had walked in and just really didn’t know what to do. The two teachers of the intensive Mr. Mears and Mr. Ahmed were both talking to their students about their task today and how their experience have helped them to know themselves more as a person. Jessica and I were like ” what should we do…?” Lol we just walked inside the room and stayed quite for about 20mins…and we were there for about 30mins and asked a a few students what was it like for them being with a group of other students they didn’t really know so well.

So… yeah, they liked their intensive in a way that kind of made me want to have the same experience  as them. But I actually am starting to like this intensive and today’s my last day experiencing it with the group of fun and interesting people with me going through similar experiences. Honestly… before I was assigned to this intensive I was kind of disappointed  that I had this.. but know that i realize that it wasn’t all to bad and I’ve actually learned to not be so shy to go up to someone randomly and ask them a few questions or to take their picture for my blog. To me i’m happy with the intensive I was put in for this week, and I don’t think I’d change to another one if I could,because I actually enjoy writing blogs. 😀

Awkward moment…


I call him Eli, although his name isn’t that… lol i don’t actually know his name but he looks like the guy from Lord of the Rings 😀 Sorry dude (if you ever see this!! haha)

Okay okay.. lol awkward moment was when… i was far away probably you could say… hmm like as far as a basketball court distance from this guy who was reading a book as he lied down on the grass in central park. I actually thought that he was a girl… due to the distance away from him. lol When me and my friend Anna walked up to  him to ask him if we could take his photo for Anna’s assignment, I was pretty shocked or surprised that it was a guy that i had actually seen.

No offense to the guy. He is handsome, and he was kind enough to let us take his photo for the assignment. It was an adventurous day for Anna and I 😀

A day in life…

A picture of me, earlier today in central park :-D

A picture of me, earlier today in central park 😀

This photo was taken by my friend Anna earlier this morning. We were on a field trip to central park for our intensive which is blogging. We came to central park with out class mates and teachers and were given an assignment to take photos of what interests us and of ourselves.. so yeah 😀